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Internet marketing is known throughout the internet world as the best way to market and advertise the products of one’s desire by article writing. The articles provide information on the product that you want to promote along with link and reference to the direct sites of the product through back links. The articles might not be of such assistance but the back links given in an article or on the same page make the webpage rank higher in the search engine websites. Thus, your sites of interest will high ranking in the search engines and thus appear in the initial pages. Article marketing is an important and powerful tool for internet advertisement. Making Spinnable Articles is a technique for writing SEO or rather search engine optimized articles. By using these techniques, relevant content on the sites of the blog owners or product promoters is placed by unique versions, only by spinning the words around of an originally written article.

Article spinning is done by rewriting an already present content on a given topic, or by replacing few elements, paragraphs or parts of the article. This way helps in creating a large number of articles made through the quite essentially same matter. Many writers make Spinnable Articles by spinning their own articles around and sell them to various sources or use them or different purposes, as long as the words or sentence structure is not the same in two given articles, they are considered different on internet article marketing and writing. Some writers or company manually spins the words around in an article. Others do it automatically by using software’s and application, which are made for this purpose.  Such software’s have large number of text, synonyms and sentences stored in their database. Hence, when an article is added to be spun in them these softwares spin them while replacing the words. Let’s say for example a word such as ‘Powerful’ can be changed into strong, great, dominant. Thousands of words are saved within the same formula and ensure that when the articles are spun around they look different from each other.

There are acts such as Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation Act (OCILLA) of United States, and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which ensure that no copyright infringement is done. Thus, implicating that the content present on the web is also checked for copyright and having the same content as many others, such work is illegal. Google until recently did not had laws or search engine optimization against copied material, but now the work which is a copy of something already present on the web is filtered through the search engine and thus gets thrown at the back end in the search of such. It makes it rare for duplicated or copied material to feature.

There are a number of freelance writers, content developers, internet based work places, which help in writing SEO and spinnable articles. Writing spinnable articles takes far less time than writing individual articles for a given topic. Hence, spinnable articles are a quick and helpful mean towards attaining internet marketing.

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