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If you have been around internet marketing for awhile you have most likely heard of Vita Vee, his forum plus his Ultra Spinnable Articles Premium and Mini spun articles.  If you have not heard of the above then please keep reading as I have some exciting news regarding Vita Vee and this updated product Ultra Spinnable Marketplace.
This new membership has taken many months for the team of The Leading Articles to setup and make happen but it has finally arrived and is live and ready for all old members and  new memberships as well.

The new updated version of Ultra Spinnable Premium membership is so cool now for a few great reasons. >>Sign Up Free Here.<<

1. In the old membership you were sent a new article each day of the month but you had no choice over the articles and the niche they were written for. Now with the new membership you are able to pick and choose the articles based on a keyword search from a database of over 1000 premium highly spun articles. Watch my video to learn more.

2. Now everyone can access these terrific articles and use them as their content source. You have a few options for accessing them all as well. There are 3 different monthly memberships which gives you a certain amount of credits per month based on the subscription you choose. Also if you can not afford a monthly membership you can purchase credits from with in the free members area. Of course the more credits purchased at one time the lower the cost of each article. One credit buys one article. You can download a free spun article here to see what these spun articles look like.

3.  Another cool feature of this new ultra spinnable marketplace is everytime a search term is input the term is also saved to a database where Vita Vee can analyze the information and write more quality articles based on user requested topics.

4. Of course Vita Vee and is pretty smart fellow and he knows and understands not everyone has access to software to unspin these articles into usable content so what he has done is include access to their upspin-it tool inside the free membership area for everyone to use at their own leisure.  The best feature of the tools is how easy it has made it to input links into the articles. Join for Free here to try out Unspin-It.

5. To prevent over use of the articles all articles are deleted from the database after 300 users have downloaded them.I have personally been using these articles since January of 2011 and I highly recommend The Ultra Spinnable Marketplace to anyone who requires content for link building so what do you have to lose, join for free today.

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 The Leading Articles Members Area   Free Access


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